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  • We don't care about FICO scores
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  • Bankruptcy OK
  • All loans stated and interest only
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:: Fast Funding!
Our Hard Money Loan Programs provide the funding your project requires. We service all communities with mortgage loans, second mortgage loans. plus home refinancing. If you are in default or bankruptcy and need financing to protect equity and provided desperately needed cash, we will give you the attention you need to help you through a difficult situation. We have the experience and resources to move fast when you need a swing loan, cash to secure an REO or Rehab property, or to cash out some equity for other pursuits We can give you a second mortgage loan and fast home refinancing. We also offer third trust deed loans. Hardmoneybrokers.com is a one of a kind real estate lender because we can provide first home loans, second home loans, and third home loans with refinancing of all related real estate loans.We can also do probates, international loans, and loan amounts from $ 25,000 to $ 300,000,000.
:: Bad Credit?

Worried about your credit? Don't let that stop you from making the right decision and let things get worse. We can usually find a solution based on the equity in your property with a Hard Money Loan. Bad credit loans are not a problem in doing second or third home loans. All inquiries are strictly confidential!
:: Property Type?
Property doesn't qualify at your bank? Many institutions will not consider single purpose or mixed use properties, bridge loans for construction projects, or cash infusions for good properties currently in default. Don't despair! If you can show us the value and a viable plan to repay the obligation we'll give it the consideration it deserves. Refinance a mortgage, get a first home loan, second home loan, or third home loan. We specialize in mortgage loans. And you may already qualify for home refinancing!
:: Next Step?
If you have a project or property you're ready to have reviewed, proceed to our Submit page and we will respond within 24 hours. If you have additional questions about hard money, Contact Us. If you are a Broker or Agent, proceed to the Brokers page and let us help you close more deals! Contractors and Developers, go to our Builders page and let us know about you and your projects.

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