For borrowers with credit or income concerns who are unable to receive conventional commercial real estate financing, our commercial loans fill the gap left by the Big Banks. When deciding whether to fund a Commercial Loan, Hard Money Brokers take into account the equity and revenue produced by the Subject Property.

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After their loan applications were turned down by the Big Banks owing to issues with their credit or income, our residential loans are intended to help borrowers acquire real estate finance. The loan plans we provide to our borrowers are quite lenient with regard to both income and credit. We use the equity in the subject property as the basis for our loans.

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The fix-and-flip loans of Hard Money Brokers are designed for real estate investors who actively seek out homes to buy at a bargain, make the required repairs and renovations, and then resell the property for a profit. All repairs and upgrades can be paid for in full with one of our Fix & Flip Loans.

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Our probate loans are available to both beneficiaries who need money before the probate estate is fully administered and probate executors and administrators who need fast funding for necessary commitments. We provide lawyers and executors with all court-required Probate Loan documents.

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The most lenient loan approval conditions are permitted under these private funding loan programs. Both owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied properties are eligible for loans.

Our loans for private equity are used to:

  • 5-year maximum loan conditions.
  • Interest-only obligations.
  • Declared Income Eligible.
  • Property Deferred Maintenance That Is Acceptable.

These loan programs are an excellent choice for borrowers who require quick cash for a business opportunity, need to pay off a debt that is about to mature or require money to fix or improve a property.

Typically, it takes "1" to "2" weeks from the moment a loan application is submitted until it is funded.


Foreclosure Purchase

Cash is the sole form of payment accepted at foreclosure trustee sales, which frequently means that buyers are required to put down more money than they typically would like to. We can design a real estate loan right away to extract cash from the recently acquired property, allowing extra funds to buy further investment prospects. Even if you have less-than-perfect credit or income issues, if the value of the property is higher than the purchase price you are paying, we might be able to offer you up to 100% buy financing.

Buy and Hold Strategy

Our Investment Loans enable Borrowers to meet their financial responsibilities without having to sell their property, whether they are urgently in need of cash or have an existing loan that is due for repayment.

Refinancing of existing property

Our Investment Loans can be used by borrowers to upgrade freshly acquired real estate further and perform any necessary repairs. The remainder of our investment loans' terms can then be covered by permanent financing.


Loan Amount $ 30,000 to $ 1,500,000
Rate 8 % to 12 %
Loan-To-Value Up to 75%
Loan-To-Cost Up to 80 % including renovation costs
Term 1 to 10 Years
Origination Fees 1 to 2.5 pts, depending on loan duration
Closing Time 7 to 21 days
Credit & Income NO Min FICO Scores
Loan Types 1st or 2nd Trust Deed
Type of Loans Acquisitions, Renovations, Cash Out
Refinance, Business & Investment Purpose
Type of Properties Residential, Commercial and light Industrial
Lending Area California


Simple 5 Step Process from Approval to Funding

  1. Please describe the property you wish to borrow against. We'll need details on the property's nature, estimated value, and whether any loans are still owing against it.
  2. Fill out the Short Mortgage Application.
  3. Obtain a loan decision or mortgage approval.
  4. We can meet you at your house or at our office to sign all the loan documentation if the mortgage approval satisfies your demands.
  5. Once our organization has received the necessary file conditions, such as the appraisal and title report, we may then set up your loan to close and disburse the loan proceeds to you.

If needed by our Borrower, these stages may typically be finished with our help in as little as one week.