We are not like the institutional lenders that make you jump through hoops and put you through hell getting approved. We only need the absolute minimum amount of information and documentation necessary to comply with government regulations.
Getting approved is quick and easy so you’ll be able to better help your clients reach their financing goals.
You will be approved the day you submit your information to our company.
We only need “1” document from you to set things up.
Copy of your California Real Estate Broker’s License
Your Broker’s License can be faxed, E-Mailed or you can simply walk into our office.
The choice is yours.
E-Mail: info@hardmoneybroker.com
Contact: 8182668848
Our Office address: 17715 Chatsworth st suite 101 Granada Hills Ca 91344

On the submission of the first loan we’ll prepare and enter into a Mortgage Broker Agreement with the Mortgage Broker identifying the Borrower/Client and commission amount payable to the Mortgage Broker at the close of escrow.


Get our Broker Loan Submission to “Run the Deal” by us. It only takes a few minutes to get us the necessary information for us to make a lending decision. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours with our lending decision or to discuss issues that need additional clarification.
Funding is fast and easy for your client.

It’s a simple 5 step process:

  1. Confer with your client to determine their financing needs.
  2. Communicate to us how much they want to borrow, details on the property they want to borrow on and what their plans are to repay the mortgage loan.
  3. If your client’s mortgage loan request is within our lending parameters we will issue a preliminary loan approval within 24 hours or less detailing our financing terms and costs.
  4. Provide us with a completed 1003 and authorization to release information form signed by your client.
  5. We will take it from here and arrange the preliminary title report, appraisals and all closing documents prepared and ready for your client to sign.
  6. We will only need your assistance in communicating with your client to get the loan funded and closed.
  7. All Broker fees will be incorporated into the loan costs, disclosed and charged to the Borrower. All Broker fees will be paid out to our referring Broker the day the loan closes.

Your client will be responsible for any appraisal and normal closing costs. We currently fund Business and Investment Loans secured by first trust deed loans only. We do not fund any owner occupied loans. We will entertain any loan request up to 70% of the subject property’s value. We can be very flexible on our interest rates and repayment terms. We currently offer interest only, partially amortized and fully amortized loans so we have the flexibility to provide just the right loan for your client.

As soon as we receive the information we will calculate the amount of loan we can provide to your client.

If you have any questions or need any assistance in completing the above information please call us at (818) 266-8848.

Thank you for allowing our company the opportunity to assist you and your client in obtaining real estate financing.



Since we are licensed by the state of California and we do represent investors and deal in large sums of money so we must have a policy of confirming the validity of information and documents presented to our company in the process of originating real estate loans.

As such we employ the following to perform our duties to our borrowers, investors and our government regulators.

  • All loan files are securely stored in locked file cabinets which are not out for processing or servicing.  A log is kept whenever a file is removed from the file storage area or taken out of the office in the course of company business.  A file return policy is employed so as to confirm a file has been checked back into our secure system.
  • All credit reports are ordered by our company from companies that comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  We require at least one credit bureau’s credit history for all borrowers.  If we are unable to fund a real estate loan due to credit a Regulation “B” Notice is promptly sent to the borrower indicating the reason why we were not able to extend credit and possible solutions for the borrower.  Any discussions pertaining to individual credit entries on the borrower’s credit report is referred to the appropriate credit reporting agency for further explanation.
  • All appraisals are performed by qualified and experienced real estate appraisers and properly licensed by the State of California.
  • All income documentation submitted to our company whether from a borrower or broker is reviewed and checked for authenticity.
  • Telephone verification of information submitted to our company is performed when necessary as determined by our loan origination team.
  • All required loan origination disclosures are provided to the borrower within all required governmental time frames.  This includes but is not limited to State Fair Lending Notices, Federal Equal Opportunity Notices, Good Faith Estimates of closing costs, Federal Regulation Z, Truth in Lending Disclosures and the State of California Mortgage Loan Disclosure Statement.

In addition we determine on a daily basis any type of additional quality control measures that are required to validate that all information received and disclosed to our investors is true and correct.


Broker Approval ApplicationThis form can be easily completed in just a few minutes by our broker applicants. Once the completed Broker Approval Application is submitted to our broker approval department an approval can be issued within 24 hours or less.

W9 Form

This is Internal Revenue Service form that we are required to have every mortgage broker our company works with to sign providing payment and tax identification information required to comply with federal law.

Short Summary Submission

This form is used by our mortgage brokers to submit the basics of a potential loan transaction so we can determine if the loan will fit into our lending parameters.

1003 Application

This is the standard real estate loan application
that is used by most lenders in the industry. Our company has chosen to use the FNMA 1003 application as our company’s loan application. Most Borrowers have seen the form in prior transactions and are familiar with completion of the form.

Borrowers Certification and Authorization

This form is where the Borrower signs giving authorization for our company to investigate loan payoffs, payment history, employment verifications and any other necessary contact that require borrower authorization.

Equal Credit Opportunity Act Disclosure

This is a Federal law requiring lending institutions to provide credit to Borrowers without consideration as to race, color or nation origin.

Fair Lending Notice

This is the California law requiring lending organizations originating real estate loans in California to not discriminate to borrower applicants in the business of lending on real estate.


Some products may not be available in all states. Restrictions apply. All rights reserved. Pre-qualification is neither pre-approval nor a commitment to lend; you must submit additional information for review and approval. Approval may be subject to rate increases, satisfactory title and appraisal review, and no change in financial condition.

*Refinancing or taking out a home equity loan or line of credit may increase the total number of monthly payments and the total amount paid when comparing to your current situation.