Our Commercial Mortgage Loan Programs are designed for Borrowers who currently own commercial property or are looking to acquire one. Our lending programs fill the void left by the big institutional mortgage lenders for Borrowers who have credit, income problems or for properties that just don’t meet the stringent underwriting standards of the Big Banks. Many commercial lenders require $500,000.00 or even $1,000,000.00 as a minimum loan amount before even considering lending; we fill the void by funding commercial mortgages loans for amounts far below what traditional mortgage lenders will fund.

If you own a commercial building and are an Owner User, running your own business out of your own building or you have been in business for less than 2 years and you need money to grow your business, we can also help you. Our Commercial Mortgage Loans are funded with private investor money, where we’re not restricted by the underwriting requirements that many other commercial lenders must comply with when deciding to approve a commercial mortgage.

We look to the equity in the property we are financing when determining to approve a commercial mortgage Hard Money Loan, so if you own an existing commercial building and are looking to refinance an existing mortgage loan and have sufficient equity, then our company could fund your loan.

If you are looking to purchase a commercial building and have 30% to 35% as a down payment, we can fund the purchase of the property. Since every borrower’s needs differ, when structuring financing for their commercial building we offer various loan terms to accommodate the financing needs of our Borrowers. We DON’T have hard and fast rules relating to Debt Coverage Ratios that many other mortgage lenders live and die by.

If you would like to speak with one of our knowledgeable loan consultants, then please call for a confidential review of your specific situation.



Our company offers many different types of commercial mortgage loans.  Below is an overview of the loan programs our company offers to best suit the needs of our Borrowers.  Since the circumstances of our Borrowers differ, we offer a number of different ways to quality for our company’s commercial loans.

Interest Only Payment

This is our most popular Commercial Loan Program, since it offers the lowest monthly mortgage payment.  It allows for a low monthly payment as possible to provide for maximum monthly cash flow.  This loan program provides our Borrowers low payments and time to make corrective action on their credit or income to later qualify for a lower interest rate loan prior to the maturity of our loan.

Fully Amortized Payment

This loan program provides for a monthly loan payment that will fully pay off our mortgage loan by the end of the loan term.  The payments are higher than our interest only loan, but there is no need to provide subsequent financing to pay off the loan.

Partially Amortized Payment

This loan program provides for an additional principal amount added to the monthly mortgage payment that will lead to a partial pay down of the mortgage loan balance over the term of the loan.  There will still be a balloon payment due at maturity like our interest only loan program, but it will be less and more manageable.  We offer our Borrowers many options to choose from to pay down their mortgage loan balances.


Mortgage Loan Qualifying Options

We offer our Borrowers many different loan qualifying options to best suit their borrowing needs.  Some of the most popular qualifying options we offer our Borrowers are:

Income Qualifying

This is when we use our Borrower’s monthly income to quality for our commercial loan.  The income we use to quality can be from income generated from the property we are qualify or can be from many other different sources.

Stated Income Qualifying

This is where we calculate our Borrower’s income based on income disclosed to us by our Borrower who might have difficulty in documenting their monthly income.

No Income Qualifying

With this unique circumstance we will fund a loan to our Borrower who does not have sufficient current monthly income to qualify in the traditional way but needs fund for a specific situation.  Under this situation the loan is structured to be paid back from the sale of the property or by some other options provided by our Borrower

Borrower Rate Sheet


Our company will finance many diverse commercial property types:

Each property type listed below has its own unique LTV (Loan to Value) requirements and underwriting standards, but since each lending situation is reviewed on a case by case basis we are often able to go outside our normal lending guidelines and fund the loan requested by our Borrower.

A short conversation with one of our knowledgeable loan consultants will prove valuable to you by providing you with the information about the amount and type of financing our company can fund and the time necessary to close your commercial mortgage loan.

Some of the types of commercial properties we will consider are:

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Light Industrial
  • Mixed use Commercial/Residential
  • Mobile Home Parks
  • Multi-Family Apartment
  • Retail Centers
  • Senior Housing/Nursing Homes
  • Single Purpose Properties
  • Single Tenant Buildings


Some products may not be available in all states. Restrictions apply. All rights reserved. Pre-qualification is neither pre-approval nor a commitment to lend; you must submit additional information for review and approval. Approval may be subject to rate increase, satisfactory title and appraisal review, and no change in financial condition.

*Refinancing or taking out a home equity loan or line of credit may increase the total number of monthly payments and the total amount paid when comparing to your current situation.