In order to finance Buyers who were turned down by the Big Banks and assist them in closing escrow on the houses they wished, we launched our Exclusive Realtor Partnership Program. This program saves Realtors their Sales Commission and gives our Realtor Partners an extra source of income.

To close escrows, we offer various financing choices.

To complete the transaction, we go above and above.

Building enduring relationships with our Realtor Partners is our aim because everyone benefits from doing so.

We provide "3" ways for our Realtor Partners to collaborate with Hard Money Broker:

  • VIP Collaboration (VIP Private Referral Network, please call our office for details)
  • Partner Program (Simple Affiliate Program for Reciprocal Link and Lead Sharing)
  • Partnership Initiative (Submit Declines or Hard to Fund Deals to Hard Money Broker to fund)

The majority of the loans made by our business come through our dependable network of Realtor Partners. You can save the transaction, get the sales commission, and further earn referral money from us by referring a client or buyer whose loan was denied.

Hard Money Broker is dedicated to paying out the greatest referral fees in the business and to respecting our Referral Partners.

Typical examples of loans that are referred to us include the following:

  • Completed And Signed 1003
  • Executive Summary & Loan Scenario.
  • If Already Pulled, A Credit Report.
  • Recent Appraisal, If One Has Already Been Made.
  • If A Preliminary Title Report Order Has Been Made.

Give us a call to find out whether we can assist your Buyer if none of the aforementioned things are accessible. In most cases, we can give you a verbal yes/no response over the phone. If we can approve the loan, we'll follow up with a Letter of Interest in a matter of hours.

Unlike many other Private Equity Lenders, we normally finance within "1" to "2" weeks, and we don't make you fill out a tonne of paperwork just to submit your client's information and do business with us. We value your time and will make the loan application procedure quick and simple.

Both first and second trust deeds on residential and commercial properties are taken into consideration. Our average maximum loan-to-value is 70% of the property's appraised value, but in exceptional circumstances, we may be willing to explore greater LTVs.



The following scenarios are covered by our financing programs:

  • The Buyer is having credit issues.
  • Problems with the buyer's income documentation.
  • The subject property does not meet the requirements of the big bank for loans.

We won't spend your time here at Hard Money Broker. We'll let you know straight away if we can't assist your client. We collaborate with a large number of Wall Street Funds, Pension Funds, and Private Investors who can offer the money your buyer needs to settle escrow.

Make Hard Money Broker your first call whenever the Big Banks refuse at (123) 456 7890.



Some products may not be available in all states. Restrictions apply. All rights reserved. Pre-qualification is neither pre-approval nor a commitment to lend; you must submit additional information for review and approval. Approval may be subject to rate increases, satisfactory title and appraisal review, and no change in financial condition.

*Refinancing or taking out a home equity loan or line of credit may increase the total number of monthly payments and the total amount paid when comparing to your current situation.