E-Sign Consent

E-Sign or The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act requires the Borrowers’/Applicants’ consent before our company can transfer certain Mortgage Loan Disclosure documents to the Federal and State Laws via email. It is also part of our company’s Online Mortgage Application Process.

It is of utmost significance that our company has our Borrower/Applicant’s consent in order to receive the company’s Mortgage Loan Disclosures electronically.

In case, any Borrower/Applicant is DOES NOT agree to the E-Sign consent then we have to revoke the entire online Mortgage Application process. However, our company will continue to assist our Borrowers/Applicants over the telephone at 818-266-8848.

E-Sign Consent

All Borrowers/Applicants are required to follow some formalities to receive a paper copy of all Mortgage Loan Disclosures:

  • Call us at 818-266-8848
  • Send an email mentioning your name and mailing address to info@hardmoneybrokers.in
  • You may also write to us with your name and mailing address mentioned in the letter to Hard Money Brokers17715 Chatsworth st, Granada Hills, California 91344
  • Borrowers/Applicants should state a request in the email or letter regarding the above new account Mortgage Loan Disclosures

System Requirements to Access Information

To receive an electronic copy of the E-Sign Consent of the above disclosures, the Borrower/Applicant must have the following:

All Borrowers/Applicants are required to request a paper copy of the disclosures, provided that authentic email address is provided to our company.

The Borrowers/Applicants should have access to the internet web browser which is supported by 128-bit SSL encrypted communications such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or any equivalent software. The browser and encryption device/software is capable of meeting these requirements.