Ecoa Notice

The Federal Equal credit Opportunity Act notice states a few norms for lending money to the credit applicants. The act prohibits any sort of discrimination against the credit applicant on the basis of national origin, sex, race, color, religion, marital status and age. It is exercise equality on all applicants and to solely focus on the income that is derived by the applicant from any public assistant program. Also, the applicant has exercised good faith under the Consumer Credit Protection Act.

As per the company policies, no applicant is required to disclose his/her income that has been received as child support, alimony, or separate maintenance; unless the income is required to be qualified for the applied loan. Our company is least bothered whether the applicant receives the stated income as part of part-time employment, as long as the income is stable and continuous.

The Federal Agency that administers compliance of our company relating to this law is:

Equal Credit Opportunity

Federal Trade Commission

Washington, DC 20580

Equal Credit Opportunity