Mortgage Brokers California | Hard Money Brokers
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With high upfront fees, timely payment and fast turnaround time brokers have been benefiting from us.

Hard Money Brokers in California

Hard Money Brokers value its brokers and get benefited mutually. We have a wide network of brokers and the reason is our transparent business policy and high integrity.


At Hard Money Brokers we offer unique and affordable loan offers to our borrowers. Regardless of the type of loan, we ensure the best package for our customers and thus our brokers keep getting more customers.


Being direct lenders, we provide the best deal to borrowers which ensures higher opportunity to get mutually benefited. Best terms and high approval rate ensures more customers for us and our brokers.

Enquiry Form

Faster Approval

At Hard Money Brokers, loan requests get closed very fast with sufficient verification.


Hassle-Free Payout

Get your upfront fee quickly. Get status update simply by calling our support team.


Higher Approval Rate

With unique and flexible package, hardly any borrower returns without their loan approved


Broker’s Information

We have several unique properties which helps us to fulfil our broker’s and borrower’s requirements easily. All our real estate assets help us to back up our trust deeds and thus we can confirm high security of our investor’s fund.



To ensure higher approval rate with best package and to reduce loan approval time, we request our brokers to collect these documents from borrowers before applying for a loan.


  • Thoroughly filled loan application
  • Credit history
  • Preliminary Report
  • Escrow Instructions
  • Appraisal
  • Purchase Agreement (if applicable)
  • Borrower’s Vesting (Exact)